About Us

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Key Points

Fishing is a lifestyle, the good life.

Home is where your heart is. Fishing isn't just a hobby its a way of life. Patience, determination and old fashioned know how are the way to world record trout. Captain Swanson has perfected his talents to help you get your trophy fish.

Unspoken Rules of Fishing

Fishing, as most things, has an unwritten code of conduct. This more or less universal code not only dictates proper etiquette, but also includes practical guidelines that aim to make fishing an enjoyable experience for everyone. Your fishing experience on the Black Pearl will be second to none.

Fishing for personal benefit

Before any other reason, fishing is just good for you! It's healthy for your body to get some exercise in nature, and its healthy for your mind to get away from your everyday life once and awhile and spend some time in nature. Few things are more satisfying than bringing home a few fish to cook. Going out to catch your own food is a rare experience in the modern world, and it provides a unique experience.


I was blown away by the size of the fish we were catching. Chris really knows his stuff, was a total professional and kept the fish coming!!!

-Troy Bassett -Aldergrove, BC

Beautiful boat, amazing knowledge of fish. Had me smiling the whole time.

Genesis Juane -Port Moody, BC

We had a beautiful time, weather was amazing, caught a ton of fish. I cant wait until the next trip.

Dustin Young -Vancouver, BC

A bit about our captain...

Chris Swanson has been living the life of a fisherman his whole life...

From a young age Chris used to watch Gerrard Rainbow trout spawn at his families cabin, ever since that time Chris has been fishing for massive trout

The Black Pearls captain has honed his fishing techniques over the years and it shows. Chris consistently catches huge Rainbow Trout and Arctic Char. Chris recently pulled a 21 lbs Lake Trout out of Kinbasket Lake, previously Lake Trout have not been EVER caught there. So, where ever you fish with Chris he will have special insight into the area and species of fish in that body of water.

Meet the Captain...

A little history about this amazing fishing charter


Chris' Dad

Papa John feeding a black bear in the early 1960's. Chris learned from the best and it shows.


Trophy Rainbows

Chris has beeen catching record fish consistantly for years. He can find you trophy rainbow of your own.


Beautiful Vistas

The fish are huge, but the scenery will blow your mind. Having such an amazing backdrop to your experience is unforgettable.